An offer to schools

The start of the school year is a busy time, especially as another batch of fresh young faces presents themselves in the Prep classes. Along with all of the settling, separations from mums and getting the school gear right, this is a time when the academic needs of the children start to present. All teachers will conduct some kind of screening to determine these needs. Young Advantage is able to assist schools in this process.

Marg Young has considerable experience in screening Prep students for academic prerequisites. She has provided prep screening in both State and Private schools and offers this as a valuable service at the start of an academic year.

The screening package which involves individual assessment of the entire Pep cohort focuses on:

  • Language screening, particularly looking at the child’s ability with oral narrative, a demonstrated indicator of future academic ability.
  • Phonological awareness screening. This area is not only an indicator or whether a child is “at risk” for literacy difficulties, but high performance in this area can also indicate potential gifted academic ability.
  • Speech development (articulation)
  • Auditory screening to determine adequacy of perceptual areas particularly (that underpin literacy development and classroom function).