What makes a person choose a career working with children, and their communication and learning issues for life?

The answer to this question is simple. One has to care about children, enjoy them and find the work meaningful and challenging enough to stay in it. Welcome to Marg’s life. This underpins her mission and her vision to work with students, families and schools to bring about positive student outcomes.

Marg has had a far reaching career which has always revolved around communication, language and learning. She has excellent qualifications in both speech pathology and education and has postgraduate qualifications in special education, where she focused on both gifted ability and learning difficulties. For some students, these exist together in the one person.

"I am keen for you to make contact so that I can support you in this most critical part of your child’s life journey. Once we have worked out their needs together, we can work to ensure a brighter education outcome"
- Marg Young

Marg has worked as a practising Speech Pathologist as well as a Teacher, the latter being at four levels of education, preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary. She has consulted widely in education both here and overseas. In addition to working on policy development in early intervention, Marg has headed up early intervention programs in the preschool area. She has managed education and learning support programs in numerous private schools, overseeing and providing direct support to students from preschool through to secondary.

Many decades of experience provide Marg with the depth and breadth to understand the issues of learning, learning difficulty, language development and gifted ability. Having also been a tertiary teacher, training speech pathologists, special education teachers and audiologists, she understands the need for understanding and applying research. Having been a practitioner, she understands how best to work with students, families and schools, and most importantly, having been a parent of a daughter with learning difficulties that co-occurred with high ability, she has the passion to ensure that all students in her care have the opportunity to meet their potential and hopefully go beyond it.

Marg strives to bring an education advantage to your child. Her extensive practice, knowledge and excellent communication skills, position her ideally with Young Advantage to bring about positive outcomes for students and their families.

Kind Regards,


Margaret Young
B.App. Sci. (Speech Path), Dip Ed. (Prim), Masters Special Education, CPSP