Young Advantage provides professional speech pathology and / or educational support services to children (preschool to, and including secondary age groups) in Melbourne and Rural Victoria. Services are provided in either the home or school environment throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Marg Young also travels to country regions to conduct assessments and provide consultancy at regular intervals during the year (or by arrangement).

Young Advantage provides the following services to individuals:



So much is said about literacy today, but what is it and how do we know if a child has a difficulty with it? While literacy is essentially reading and writing, it also includes viewing, speaking and listening to make sense of the world. Literacy is of course an important part of communication, and to be an effective communicator one needs to have adequate literacy skills…especially in today’s world.


Learning Difficulties

The term ‘learning disability’ is often heard in relation to students with difficulties at school. Students with learning difficulties in the reading and writing components of literacy are often referred to as ‘learning disabled’. It is really an umbrella term that can include students who present with different types of difficulties in learning.



What is language and why is it so critical?

Language is a specific part of the human’s capacity to express inner emotions and thoughts as well as make sense of the world. We all look at a newborn and marvel at how language and thus communication will develop, and hang on that first sign of recognition and connection. Language is an essential key to life and learning. As babies and children develop effective use of language, they acquire the power to have a say in what they need and want.


High Ability

Fortunately, today educators are more aware of the needs of students with high and gifted ability. Identification of such students is still an issue though, and while identifying students who have barriers to their learning because of difficulties is important, finding and supporting students who are gifted academically, is just as critical.


School Readiness

Victoria has one of the earliest school entry ages, so it is vital that your child is ready. It is critical to consider school readiness well before the start of school.

What should one look for?



All of us want our children to achieve at school. There are a number of factors that influence academic achievement. Not all are dependent on the child. The school attended, the teachers encountered, the benefits that you can offer and the aspirations that parents have for their children, including the modelling of attitudes will all impact.


Early Screening

The start of the school year is a busy time, especially as another batch of fresh young faces presents themselves in the Prep classes. Along with all of the settling, separations from mums and getting the school gear right, this is a time when the academic needs of the children start to present. All teachers will conduct some kind of screening to determine these needs. Young Advantage is able to assist schools in this process.