Young Advantage provides professional speech pathology and / or educational support services to children (preschool to, and including secondary age groups) in Melbourne and Rural Victoria. Services are provided in either the home or school environment throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Marg Young also travels to country regions to conduct assessments and provide consultancy at regular intervals during the year (or by arrangement).

Young Advantage provides the following services to individuals:

Education Assessment

Young Advantage provides comprehensive assessment of learning achievement, particularly focusing on literacy and numeracy to investigate learning difficulties in these areas. Education assessment includes assessment of language function.

Young Advantage also provides assessment of high ability students in order to identify gifted ability

Please note: Both written and face to face reporting are included in assessment. Communication of assessment findings, including support strategies, is made directly to the school to support the implementation of a student ILP (Individual Learning Plan).

Learning Support

Following assessment, strategies to support the student’s learning are provided. An ILP (Individual Learning Plan) will be developed in consultation with the school. Ongoing support options, if required, will be discussed with the family and student, following assessment.

Speech Pathology

Speech therapy support is provided as required, either as part of a learning support program, or additional to it. Support options will be discussed following assessment.

Speech therapy services include:

  • Speech and language assessment
  • Articulation therapy
  • Language program support
  • Phonological awareness and literacy support

School Readiness

Young Advantage will assess students in 4 year old preschool on an individual basis, to determine readiness for school entry in the following year. This assessment includes formal assessment as well as observation of the student in the preschool setting.


Young advantage will communicate with schools on behalf of students. This service is included in any assessment service at no additional charge.