Assessment for your child

Young Advantage provides comprehensive assessment and tailored learning programs for children of all ages presenting with developmental delays and difficulties.

Every child presents with their own unique set of challenges and needs. As a parent or educator, it is important to recognise when the need for assessment is presented in a child or student. Testing is most effective when given early in the child’s formative years to assist the development of a tailored plan helping the child to reach their maximum potential.

Knowing a child’s needs, abilities and aptitudes will help educators and parents to get into the student’s learning zone…knowledge from assessment will mean that the student can be met at their point of learning…where they need to learn! It is not just about where they are, but where they could go, that is important.



Young Advantage provides professional educational support services and / or speech pathology to children (preschool to, and including secondary age groups) in Melbourne and Rural Victoria. Services are provided in either the home or school environment throughout metropolitan Melbourne by a well respected expert in the field.

Marg Young also travels to country regions to conduct assessments and provide consultancy at regular intervals during the year (or by arrangement).


Why use Young Advantage?

  • Your assessor has decades of experience in the area
  • The assessment is comprehensive
  • The appointment is in your home
  • Little to no waiting list
  • Reports are reader friendly and received within the week
  • The cost includes essential follow up consultation with the school
  • The cost is all inclusive and highly competative

"I really want to thank Marg for her outstanding work. She really understood our son and his needs. Her experience as well as her easy communication style made such a difference, and we were able get a positive education outcome because of her being involved."
- Ben & Janice, Balwyn


Achievement at school is vital, so that your child has choices in today’s world!

Being able to achieve at or above potential is not only critical to the opening of doors in life but it also impacts on self-esteem, social development and confidence. A child with learning or language difficulties, may not experience success or thrive academically. Learning is “at risk” now and in the future if the risk is not identified and dealt with. Early identification and comprehensive assessment gives a better chance for success, with all the social and emotional benefits that this can bring.

Highly able and gifted students are also “at risk” if they are not identified and supported appropriately. The old saying that “cream will simply rise to the top”, is not sufficient. These students need to be identified and supported, and Young Advantage are here to help.