What is the Cost of Assessment for Complex Learning Difficulties
(including Dyslexia)

No two children ever present exactly the same way, so assessment needs to be individualised. Some children need more assessment time spent on reading for example, with deeper testing into phonemic awareness and auditory processing. Other children need deeper testing into language or memory, or perhaps written expression. Deeper testing into numeracy may also be necessary. If extensive testing is required, the assessment will take more time, so for this reason, the worst case scenario is quoted. If less testing is required, the cost of assessment is less.

You and your child will be more comfortable having the assessment done in your own home. Young Advantage understands that this facilitates a better understanding of your child’s needs. It also means that if rests need to be given, they can.

Please note: that a small surcharge may be charged if outside the metropolitan area of Melbourne

The assessment itself may include the following:

  • Reading assessment
  • Comprehensive achievement assessment (around literacy, numeracy and language)
  • Cognitive ability screening
  • Phonological awareness testing
  • Language assessment (oral and written)
  • Working memory assessment
  • Auditory processing screening
  • Comprehensive Maths Assessment

Some of the tests that may be used include:

  • The Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement
  • The York Assessment of Reading Comprehension
  • The OWLS-II (Oral and Written Language Scales)
  • K-BIT-2 Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test
  • The Key Math Assessment

A comprehensive report is provided within the week of testing. Parents do not want to wait weeks for a report, and need the information provided in a reader friendly manner. The report includes the results, discussion, recommendations and strategies for support at home and school.

Consultation with the school

Many services provide a report to parents, but there is not follow up discussion with the school, or if there is, this is at extra cost. Young Advantage believes that consultation with the school is an essential part of the assessment process. It is at this point that the assessor becomes the child’s advocate. The aim is to ensure that the information gained through testing is understood and responded to. Young Advantage is happy to assist with the development of the ILP. Follow up consultation is included in this inclusive cost.

*Contact Young Advantage for other services costs like School Readiness, Gifted Assessment
**Rebates may be applicable for certain services. Contact Young Advantage to see if your child is eligible